Warrior’s Ascension (The Legacy Series, Book One)

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From fantasy fiction writer Jason Varrone comes the stunning debut novella that leads to a trilogy of novels – The Legacy Series.

Renowned warrior Crennan Dawnblack is mortally wounded during a fierce battle with a hated enemy. Only in the fated delivery of a chronicler will he find solace in relaying his story. Thus begins his tale of honor, vengeance, and love. Through the recorded account, Crennan’s legacy as a hero may pass through the ages. This novella tells the courageous story of the life of a warrior and sets off events that place the Kingdom of Rothesia in peril.

The Legacy Series Reading Order
Warrior’s Ascension (book one)
King’s Reaping (book two)
Heir’s Defiance (book three)
Birthright’s Price (book four) – coming in 2023