Heir’s Defiance (The Legacy Series, Book Three)

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The shocking revelations and plans born of hatred in King’s Reaping set the stage for book three in Jason Varrone’s epic fantasy fiction saga – The Legacy Series.

The brilliant barbarian Rexhall Ragehame holds the heart of Rothesia in his grasp, convinced his plans for conquest are all but flawless. The loyalty of his army, composed of sadistic half-men, sellswords, and monsters, is far more questionable. The deposed King Siathas Greymorn desperately seeks to retake the throne, but with the corruption and deceit born of ambition infecting Rothesia, he doubts he’ll be able to escape with his life, let alone retake the kingdom. His son, Prince Arryn, is still reeling from the shocking and tragic eruption of his newfound powers. He may be the key to either saving Rothesia or delivering its final destruction. The only thing keeping him grounded is the warrior Raelyn. She has the blood of a hero in her veins, but individual heroes might not be enough when the enemy has monsters and an army. The strands of the lives of these four scarred souls are being woven together by destiny to form the tapestry of the final fate of an entire kingdom.

The Legacy Series Reading Order
Warrior’s Ascension (book one)
King’s Reaping (book two)
Heir’s Defiance (book three)
Birthright’s Price (book four) – coming in 2023